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I made some pretty tasty dinner the other day and I thought I'd share it with y'all

(I rambled a bit and didn't give any exact measurments, so I put it behind a cut)
gnocci with tomato cream sauce

steam a couple of peeled potatoes (the guidelines I used reccomended mealy potatoes, but this was sort of spur of the moment so I just used the red potatoes that I had. It is important to steam them instead of boil)
and then mash/puree them (in the future, I'd just toss 'em into the food processor)

add a couple of dashes of salt (I used garlic salt, but didn't add nearly enough)

add flour until it is a pretty dense dough

really, don't be afraid of adding too much flour because if you don't add enough, they will disolve in the cooking water.

after making your thick dough roll it into a log and cut off bits about the size you want them to be and then roll them on a fork to give them little texture ridges that hold sauce (yum!)

before you start shaping them you may want to put a big ol' pot of water on to boil, and once you've got them all formed, put them in the water. you'll know that they are done when they start to come to the surface.

For the sauce-

heat some olive oil in a pan (I use about a tablespoon and a half) and toss in some minced garlic if you've got it (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't...) add almond meal and nutritional yeast in about equal proportions to make a thick paste. throw in a bit of rice or soy milk (I use rice) and maybe a little spoonful of miso (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. this matters more if you aren't using tomatoes or a lot of other flavors) and start adding some more rice milk (I probably use about a cup total) as that starts to heat I add some tomato sauce. I always buy those big cans of it at the store that are like 98cents and then freeze it and break off a big chunk when I'm making this. I probably don't even use a half cup of it in this. I basically add chunks of it until it is a pleasant color/flavor/consistancy. it is also especially delicious to add crushed fresh tomatoes instead (or in addition to). If I do that, I usually heat them in the oil before adding the almond/yeast. after it is saucy and pretty well balanced (play around with it a bit) I'll add things like italian seasoning, garlic salt, and fresh basil.

this is also a good dish with mixed vegetables, but use what you have. the sauce is incredibly simple and versatile. It is one of those dishes that I've made for almost all of my friends at some point or another because it is so simple and easy, especially if you have pre made gnocci (although I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was far easier to make than I'd previously thought)

ok thats all.

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