January 5th, 2011

birthday cake - ridiculous

HI EVERYONE I want to make the most ridiculous-stupid birthday cake ever. To give you an idea of the situation, I have been browsing thisiswhyyourefat for inspiration. I tried the tags here, but wasn't able to find much help.

Please share some insane birthday cake ideas. Already-vegan versions are obviously preferred, but non-vegan ideas are accepted (I'll just have to do a little more work on converting)
Think mulitple layers, things sandwiched between other things, cookies or donuts appearing in odd places, maybe some tempeh bacon here and there or some waffles or even a grilled cheeze sandwich.

GO NUTS! please and thanks. ♥
me reading

reflux/GERD cookbook?


I have seen a few posts here and on other vegan communities about acid reflux/GERD issues, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a vegan cookbook specifically for those who suffer with GERD. I was recently diagnosed with this (have been completely vegan for a couple years, vegetarian for many) and I do not know how one can randomly just present with reflux (I am still not happy about being diagnosed with this!)

I am considering ordering this book - Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure - and replacing whatever meat/dairy products it uses with vegan ingredients...but that may not work as I am sure these recipes are carefully planned.

I also know there are websites with vegan reflux friendly recipes, but I would love to have a book. So, if anyone knows of any vegan (I would honestly even settled for just vegetarian and cut all dairy from recipes) cookbook that is reflux friendly, I would love to know about it!

I am also researching diets that are supposed to balance your body's pH...any vegan cookbooks out there about that?

poet lisa

sundae/cake milkshake?

somewhat inpired by the previous artery-clogging post, i have a question about those american frappuccino/milkshake things that have cake in them (when i lived in the us, starbucks had one that had a brownie blended into it - so wrong, but so delicious). it was my boyfriend's birthday a few days ago and i made him a cake. it was delicious but we only got through half of it and now the other half is a bit stale. i was thinking a good way not to waste it might be to blend it up with ice-cream/soy milk. has anyone ever done this? any recipes/proportion/ingredient suggestions for me? the cake was espresso flavoured.



It seems like a trifling thing to post, but it's taken me ages to get really crispy, flavoursome parsnips to use as a side dish. I think I was going wrong by cutting them lengthways so they cooked unevenly. Anyway, I' sure most of you have mastered roasted parsnips, but for those who haven't...

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