January 29th, 2011


Green Bay Themed Food

Hello, all!

I have some friends that always host a Super Bowl party, and they always have food/beer related to the city's of the teams that are playing (for those that don't follow US football, that's Pittsburgh and Green Bay this year). They can't think of any Green Bay themed vegan food (I imagine the non vegan fare will involve a lot of cheese... and I'm not too keen on fake cheese). Any ideas?

Have I successfully veganized the "most dangerous cake recipe in the world"?

I should preface this by saying that I am a walking stereotype sometimes. For about two weeks every month -the one before my period and the one of- I need chocolate and caffeine. I don't just crave them; people have been known to ward me off with a bullwhip and a chair while screaming, "All right, here's the coffee, just stop growling and foaming at the mouth!" So there it is. I'm a PMS pamphlet on legs, and so be it; just give me the nomz, and he more chocolatey, caffeine-y, and packed with empty calories they are, the better. Being easy to make and clean up is a perk, too.

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