February 4th, 2011


Non-tomato based crockpot recipes.

Hi, guys.

I'd really like to use my crockpot more often, but I can only eat tomato (sauce/diced)-based recipes so often before I get sick of them.  It's not that I dislike tomatoes really.  I think it all goes back to my childhood and my mom making store-bought-jar-based spaghetti on days she wasn't in the mood to cook for real, so to this day, my taste buds always connect tomato sauce with blah.

I've searched through the tags and found some massive lists online that I can go through, but I'm looking for personal recs.

What's your favorite non-dessert, non-breakfast, non-tomato-y crockpot recipe?  Do those even exist?
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Homemade Vegan Butter/Mashed Potatoes w/o Butter

Does anyone have any simple vegan butter recipes that they've tried? The less ingredients needed the better since it's cheaper and easier to make. They do sell Earth Balance here in Bangkok but it's super expensive. I'd like to make my own.

BTW I have been making mashed potatoes without vegan butter and it still comes out great, I use brown potatoes with the peel, garlic, chives, soy milk, extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt and salt to taste. I think the flavor of the garlic and chives makes you not even care about the lack of butter and the soy milk with olive oil is enough to give it the right consistency.

I still would like butter to spread on bread though.