February 7th, 2011

freezing Yves ground chicken

Does anyone have experience with freezing Yves Veggie Ground Chicken?
It's so rare in Toronto, so when I saw it last night at the grocery store, I stocked up.
I was hoping to keep some in the fridge, and put some in the freezer so it doesn't spoil before I can eat it. I'm afraid it will get weird, since frozen soy tends to take on a different form.

Votes? Yay or Nay?


edit: just for fun, share your favorite veggie ground chicken recipes! I normally just use it to make tacos or something, but I throw it in almost anything. I would love to hear some actual recipes that take full advantage of it's deliciousness!

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Baking Contest Help?

I am doing a baking competition in April and am looking for ideas and recipes. This is what I need to make:
1. Bread- it can be any kind so please give me ANY ideas!
2. Croissiants- sadly these won't be vegan since we have to use a certain recipe for them.
3. Cake- this can be anything I want. I'm thinking something with chocolate and raspberry? Or maybe something with white chocolate.
4. Cookies- these can be anything as well, but they have to be 2 inches in diameter, so it would be best if they were icebox or rolled cookies.

I am just looking for any recipes, ideas, words of wisdom, etc.