February 8th, 2011

President Lincoln's Birthday Party Ideas

A coworker of mine has been invited to a party this Saturday, and the theme is Lincoln, since Saturday is his birthday. She wants to take something that would be funny, but all we can think of is cookies in the shape of his hat. While she could do that, she also doesn't really like using food coloring.

Problem is, Lincoln doesn't really have much associated with him. Gettysburg Address, Civil War, stuff like that, not very funny. And now this has got me thinking that I want to do something fun for President's Day.

Any ideas? You guys are always so creative!

Help Me Feed a Student Staff

 Hello, my lovely vegan chefs! I am in need of the culinary expertise of you all. To begin, I supervise an all student staff (resident assistants, in case any of you were curious), and once a week it is required that we have a staff meeting. For these staff meetings, I usually bake cookies/brownies/cupcakes, etc. in order to make things a bit more fun (we meet at 7pm on Sundays...not the most lively of times). However, I would like to try and feed my staff something healthy for a change.

Does anyone have any recipe ideas that would:
a) Be easy to pass around a group of people? (i.e. not messy)
b) Not be too difficult to prepare?
c) Be more inventive than a fruit platter?
d) Be readily eaten by a bunch of omnivore college students?

To clarify, I'm looking for something snack-like to replace my cookies. Thanks :D