March 11th, 2011


Dominican food?

I'm hosting book club next week and need to make some snacks for people to munch on. While I could just make anything, I like the idea of the food tying into the book. The book we just read is "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" about a family from the Dominican Republic. I tried searching for recipes for Dominican food, but haven't seen anything really good for this application (lots of rice and beans which is good but I want something more and coconut which I hate). Anyone have any ideas? I am trying to wow my book club with the food as they always are stumped as to what to make for me when they host. Thanks!

How to Shop at Spanish Stores

What a weird coincidence, I was just about to post about something that someone else just posted about in vegancooking, but I think it's a different enough issue for a new post.

I just moved to a part of the city that is often referred to as 'the ghetto' in Salem, "The Point" is what locals call it. It's actually a very nice neighborhood and I have a LOT of bodegas within walking distance to get fun and interesting things. The only issue is that there are no Asian stores (which I have mastered shopping at) - it's all Spanish, particularly Dominican and Puerto Rican, and I am not familiar at all with Caribbean produce! Also a lot of the foods in general look like stuff I could work with but I don't know what it is! Out of the four stores nearby, they all seem to have the same types of things, so it's safe to assume they have the standard Spanish/Dominican/Puerto Rican fare.

I could google, but I was really hoping to get advice from someone with personal experience. The only Caribbean food I have experience with is platanos, and I have been obsessed with making them for years now, it's time to broaden my range in this regard.


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