March 28th, 2011

Cooking for the NCAA Final Four Tournament

Hello all,

I need some creativity help here. I'm planning a party with a big group of guys for this Saturday's NCAA Final Four games. Pretty fair odds that I'll be the only female in the place, and I'm definitely going to be the only veggie. The guys are pretty open to trying new foods, and I'm rather keen on impressing them. So I would love to do some snacky foods for the games. I have a seven-layer bean dip that I make for everything that I was planning on doing, but I would also love to do some themed food. Definitely as simple as I can. They're not all huge fans of sweets, which sucks cause dessert is my specialty, but I can definitely take a dessert dish or two. It needs to be able to travel in the car for about half an hour. And I'm babysitting Friday night and I work until 7:30 or later every night this week, so I don't have too much prep time.

I can't think of anything strictly basketball themed to do, so those suggestions are definitely helpful. I'm also cheering for Butler, who are the bulldogs, and their colors are blue and white if that helps at all.

And I would prefer to not do any fake meats. These omnis aren't all that open. I also don't care for the fake meats as much. But I do love Daiya cheese and tofutti sour cream, so those kinds of foods are fair game.

Thanks so much!!!!


I'm new to the smoothie thing- I'm usually the 'it's food so I'll bloody well eat it, not drink it' sort but I've gave in to up my protein. So I have a rookie question: how well does it keep? Just now I'm having banana, cup soy milk, packed sup spinach and vitamin powder. Can I make a batch and keep it in a bottle in the fridge?If yes, how many days should it be good for? Can I put it in my water bottle and keep it in my bag until lunch? My bag is probably bit above room temperature but not crazy hot. For some reason I imagine bananas means it should be eaten fresh but you can buy banana smoothie that lasts for days so...?

Also, while I'm here, frozen banana: worth the extra effort? I froze a banana once and it went black, that put me off