April 24th, 2011

middle eastern veganism recipes call-out

ahoy all!

i'm trying to compile recipes for a zine right now of middle eastern vegan recipes. having lived in the middle east for long periods of time i sometimes get asked "how do you stay vegan?" when the reality is that it's pretty straightforward & delicious, if not always in constant supply of vanilla soymilk...

so, i'm trying to pull together as many recipes from as many countries in the middle east as possible with no animal products - whether "accidentally" vegan or otherwise. if anyone wants to point me in the direction of/contribute any recipes i would love to know about it! be it persian, turkish, moroccan, israeli, egyptian, lebanese...... you get the idea. :)

also, if anyone from the middle east here is up for a couple-of-questions interview for the zine about living as a vegan in the region, that would be awesome too!

shukran, toda, tessikular, thanks etc.... :)