May 4th, 2011


Ice cream FAIL!

I am trying to make the S'Mores ice cream from Vegan Scoop, but it's been in the ice cream maker for 20 minutes and it's still just a thick cream. At this point it's just the base - chocolate, and then you're supposed to add the chocolate chips and vegan marshmallows in the last few minutes. When I scraped the base into the maker, there was a thick layer at the bottom of the pan - I'm guessing I didn't mix in the arrowroot as well as I thought (I just got done make a batch of cinnamon and it had turned out perfectly).

Any suggestions for what to do with failed chocolate ice cream batter (and it's possible additions)?

EDIT: It looks like I found my problem! I made the two batches back to back and the canister had thawed too much from the hot motor. Thank you, everybody!