May 20th, 2011

poet lisa


so, i keep hearing about how good for you spirulina is, so i bought some of the powder to put in smoothies. i make green smoothies every day anyway. the problem is that it tastes vile. even if i only put in half a teaspoon (the pot recommends a whole teaspoon), it really stands out over the other flavours, including when i use banana, soy milk, and a whole tablespoon of cocoa powder to make a chocolatey smoothie.

any tips? how do you guys get this stuff down you?
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Stupid baking mistake

While doubling a recipe for banana bread, I doubled the amount of Earth Balance twice. I caught it in time and fished out 8 oz. of Earth Balance chunks from the mixer bowl (yay for my kitchen scale), but they're covered in sugar and cinnamon. What can I do with them?

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