May 24th, 2011

  • bizwac

Simple (soy, almond, rice)-milkless cakes

A friend of mine works in after school care. They make cakes/cupcakes for the kids' birthdays, but are no longer able to use many animal products (yay!) for what I assume are allergy reasons. Unfortunately they can't use soy milk etc either, which most vegan cakes call for.

I gave her this recipe, and although it's good, they're getting a bit tired of chocolate.

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In other after school care news, my boyfriend has also made the above mentioned chocolate cake, and various other vegan goodies for the kids he looks after. His work allows milk, eggs, (milky)margarine etc, but he's vegan so doesn't like to use those ingredients. I'm sure he'll also be appreciative of any non-chocolate cakes the kids can cook. Yay!