July 10th, 2011

chocolate salty balls - recipe help!

I really really want to make Chef's "chocolate salty balls" from South Park, and I need some assistance figuring out how to do it exactly.

Part of the lyrics describe it a bit:

Two tablespoon's of cinnamon,
and two or three egg whites.
A half a stick of butter, melted
stick it all in a bowl, baby.
Stir it with a wooden spoon.
Mix in a cup of flour,
you'll be in heaven soon.

Quarter cup of unsweeten chocolate,
and a half a cup of brandy.
You throw in a bag or two of sugar
and just a pinch of vanilla.
Grease up the cookie sheet.
Cause I hate when my balls stick.
Then preheat the oven to three fifty
and give that spoon a lick!

I mean, the lyrics are probably just lyrics and not meant to be a real recipe, but dammit I want some chocolate salty balls in my mouth.
(funny, there is no mention of salt in the recipe)

Anyway, has anyone here made baked balls before? I assumed chocolate salty balls would be a no-bake kinda thing, I don't have much experience with it, so I'm not sure how this "recipe" compares to most. Any advice on a)how to make these, and b)how to veganize it? I'd like to stick as close as I can to this original "recipe", but if anyone has ideas on how to make it more tasty, lemme know!

Swiss National Day recipes (vegan....veal?)

The Swiss National Day is coming up (Aug 1st), and one of my best friends here in the States is Swiss German, so we want to celebrate by veganizing some of her favorite recipes from home.

According to Sina, a tour of Swiss German cuisine is not complete without: chocolate, potatoes, cheese, and veal. OK, vegan chocolate and potatoes are a piece of cake, vegan cheese is totally doable, but vegan veal? I'm a bit stumped.

Here's what we're thinking for the menu:

*Chocolate cupcakes with Swiss flag icing

*Züri-Gschnätzlets (traditionally veal in a creamy mushroomy wine sauce)
I'm thinking seitan would be a great substitute for the veal, but I've never had veal in my life, so I have no idea what seitan seasonings/method would be best to mimic the veal. Normally I use one of Isa's seitan recipes then steam the seitan cutlets wrapped in tinfoil to get a chewy texture, but I've heard veal is softer than beef so I'm not sure how accurate that would be. Any suggestions?

*Rösti (potato pancakes)

*Steamed veggies in a vegan cheese fondue
Does anyone have a good fondue recipe? I'm looking at the Swiss Fondue recipe in Vegan Vittles and I'm a bit weary of the rolled oats. I've had an oat-based vegan cheese before and it was the grossest thing I've tasted in a long while!

To all the Swiss people and Swiss food connoisseurs out their, is there anything we're missing?
What should we drink?