August 25th, 2011

Sabrina Flowers

Road Trip Food

Hey everyone,

There was a post not too long ago about travel food, where I did get a few ideas, but since my situation and dietary requirements are a bit different, I thought I'd ask everyone for help.

I'm taking a road trip in just over two weeks with my best friend from Portland, OR to Chicago. We're stopping in Salt Lake on the way, and Billings, MT on the way home. I've found vegan restaurants in SLC and Chicago, but will probably need to rough it in Billings (unless anyone there has any tips, but I digress).

So, I've budgeted for this trip, and I know I'll need to spend money. I'm thrilled we'll be staying by a Whole Foods in Chigago so that's great. But on the way, I'll need to have a ton of food packed. I'm already planning on roasted chickpeas, primal strips, fruit, and probably a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter.

I was wondering if anyone else had great go-to travel items that were healthy, not incredibly high-calorie, and would be useful for making a hodgepodge attempt at a regular healthy meal on the road?

I usually end up eating a ton of carbs when I travel, which isn't necessarily bad, but I'm a very low-carb eater normally, and I have a sensitive stomach so a huge change in my intake can lead to discomfort and nobody wants that.

No food allergies, but I just want to see what I can live off of besides apples and Larabars.

Thank you!!!!

Storing Homemade Seitan?

Hello everybody! I have a question, and hopefully one (or more) of ya'll can help me out with an answer.

I'm about to make a batch of Surefire Seitan from Appetite For Reduction and am wondering how best to store the portions that I won't be using for dinner tonight. I've only ever made seitan once before and it was baked (seitan o' greatness) not simmered, so I figured there maybe some different method of storage. My gut says to keep it in a tupperware container in some of the simmering broth, but I'm open to suggestions.

Any reviews on the recipe itself are much appreciated as well.