August 27th, 2011

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gluten-free soy-free breakfast ideas

I recently discovered I can't be in the same room as wheat, or consume any gluten, and I (maybe temporarily) can't tolerate gluten-free oats, either. I'm really at a loss for breakfast ideas lately. I know there's no law that breakfast must revolve around breakfasty foods, but gluten-freedom has given me energy that had been absent for a long time, and sometimes on the weekends, I'd really like to cook something breakfasty for my family, and I'm totally at a loss. I'd also like some quickie ideas for during the week. Am I out of luck? I've never been a breakfast food person, but when I went vegan, I really started to love veganized American breakfast foods, like tofu scramble with some type of gluten-based link/patty and toast. Now that I can't eat gluten, toast and faux meats are pretty much out of the question, and I'm trying to limit soy, too, because my family and I are becoming a little sensitive to it.

I have been eating lots of fruit, hummus (or peanut butter) and gf crackers, or nuts for breakfast, and nothing's really enough to keep me going (plus I often end up with hypoglycemia), so I was hoping for some higher protein breakfast ideas, either as a meal, or things I can snack constantly. I also sometimes have leftovers from the previous night, but that's not always an option, and sometimes I don't want leftover roasted veggies (or a cup full of nuts) for breakfast. On the weekends, I've made pancakes, or sometimes hashbrowns, and they're delicious, but I need much more protein!

To complicate matters, I can't stand for very long periods of time, so I can't do anything too labor-intensive in the kitchen.

Also, I feel like such a selfish American that all I can think of for breakfast involves stuff like muffins, pancakes, scrambles, and some kind of "meaty thing." (And I kind of think it's because I'm only remembering the things I can't eat right now, rather than thinking clearly and open-mindedly, which is much easier to do when I'm not starved for nourishment.) What else is out there for breakfast besides veganizing the standard american diet?