January 19th, 2012

Vegan cream of mushroom soup

Hi everyone. I'm a vegetarian rather than vegan, but have recently been branching out into trying some vegan dishes - so I present to you my vegan cream of mushroom soup! It uses cashew nuts instead of cream to add the creaminess without overpowering the mushroom's subtle flavour.

You can check out a couple of photos at my blog post about it here - the rest of my blog is vegetarian rather than vegan, but if you click the 'vegan' tag, there are a few other vegan recipes on there too :)

I'm sure that using cashews in creamy soups is nothing new to a lot of you, but I was pretty excited to learn the trick - it's a lot better for you than using a load of cream anyway. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a vegan dish that I can use cashews in? (I have most of a pack left over, and don't really like eating them on their own!)

(mods: I'm new here, so if I've done anything wrong, please let me know and I'll be only too happy to change it!)

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