March 2nd, 2012


What to do with a very green veggie stock

I'm the kind of person who likes to save their veggie bits in a freezer bag and then make stock out of them at the end of every 2 weeks or so. The problem is, these last two weeks I've been being very good about eating my greens which means my freezer bag is probably about half kale and swiss chard stems. I've made stock that looks like this before and it comes out tasting very green, which isn't SO bad but it means I can't use it to make more delicate tasting soups. I've used greeny stock with great success to make mock-beef stews but I really don't want to be eating that much potato every day (I use the stock to make soup or stew or something which I bring to work for lunches).

I'm wondering if any of you have ideas for what kinds of soup/stews/other things I could use a very green tasting stock in. I was considering black bean soup? it might be a strong enough soup that it would mask some of the green? any other ideas? My only limitation is I have a soy allergy so I can't use soy-based sauces or silken tofu. Any soups/stews that call for chucks of tofu I can just sub some chickpeas and call it a day.