July 8th, 2012


I have no idea what possessed me, other than having read that carrot greens are perfectly edible, though they may upset the stomachs of people sensitive to them, and the fact that I had a bunch of locally grown carrots with fabulous leaves still attached.

As I chopped the greens for soup, I was reminded of parsley. And then of tabouli. Which led to me dumping the minimally topped and tailed carrots into the food processor and pulsing for several minutes until they resembled bulgur. Dumping them into a bowl and mixing in their minced leaves, I sprinkled lightly with salt, drizzled with just enough olive oil and lemon juice to taste, grabbed a couple of handfuls of raisins, and mixed it all together. Not quite... off to the patio for mint. Chopped fine and mixed in. A tad more lemon juice and...

Spouse-approved! Omnivorous relatives-approved! Carrot-loving small niece-approved! Magic.

I substituted lime for lemon. Nice. I chucked pomegranate juice in instead. Also good.

Turns out you can have it at a main meal, in a packed lunch, as a snack, on a picnic, at a party, and people will happily chow down on it at pot-lucks. 

I bet someone's done this before. It just works so well.