July 14th, 2012

me- montana

Help me plan my meals!

Folks, I had a birthday party last week, and now I have an overflowing refrigerator and no inspiration. Can you help me figure out some things to cook so that I don't waste my delicious CSA veggies?

The ingredients!

fava beans
chopped jalopenos, red peppers, yellow peppers
lots of red potatoes
green leaf lettuce
"purple" green onions
1/2 head of cabbage
spinach (with stalks)
red kale
1 sexy tomato

daiya fake cheddar cheese
strawberry jam
espresso beans
toffuti cream cheese
homemade cashew creme
toffuti sour cream
firm tofu
earth balance
homemade black beans
canned corn (opened!)
coconut milk (opened!)
veganaise (and horseradish veganaise)
sprouted tortillas
corn tortillas
spicy mustard
curry paste
minced garlic in jar

I have the usual spices and cupboard ingredients (flour, nutritional yeast, sugar, pasta, oil, etc..)

Any help!? Thank you lovely people.