August 12th, 2012

Eat the cupboard month - help!

Through a little mismanagement, and a little bit of a 'holy shit that rent bill is HUGE' I've found myself left with a grand total of £2 for the entire rest of the month. I'm fairly sure I can feed myself on what's in the cupboard (I just moved in and so everything was brought brand new a week ago) but I'm feeling a bit meh about replicating the same recipes. I need some fresh ideas.

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Gluten free veg + lentil curry pie plus taco mix

Hi guys i'm Ellen; a wheat and lactose intolerant vego from Adelaide, Australia, who is aiming to go fully vegan! Loving this community for all the great inspiration it gives me!! Such a fab resource :)
I figured it was time to share a bit of my own budding cookery :)

I am having family/friends over for tea and have decided to serve soft shell tacos. I will be looking after my infant nephew all day tomorrow so decided to make the taco mix ahead of time, along with my dinner for tonight which was a gluten free (& vegan) curried veg & lentil pie!

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