Maggots-Free Pancakes House (absinthe) wrote in vegancooking,
Maggots-Free Pancakes House

Recipes involving fresh garlic?

I ended up with three big bulbs of freshly-dug garlic from the farmer's market and am in need of recipes that call for a lot of fresh garlic so I can get this used up (and then buy more next week because the old man selling it was awesome). If anyone has links or suggestions for creative garlic-rich food, I'd appreciate it! I love garlic and am surprised that I don't have more recipes calling for copious amounts of it. All I have so far besides the ever-present hummuses and garlic breads is the Fragrant Garlic Parsley Pasta from How it all Vegan. (And yes, I could recall the name of the dish without looking at the book. Heh.)
Tags: herbs&spices-garlic
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