April 4th, 2013

No-Cook Oatmeal

Just wanted to share an awesome recipe going around that is wonderful for folks who really don't have time to mess around with breakfast... Or want a ready-made snack... Or lunch or whatever. You will need:

~Rolled oats (not steel-cut or instant)
~Milk (I used rice, because that's what was open)
~Yogurt (I made cinnamon apple, so I just used unsweetened applesauce, but you could use any flavor yogurt; I've found the Almande brand to be cheapest with the least amount of sugar)
~Sweetener (I used agave nectar)
~Airtight container (Target sells tupperware variety packs in their Up brand for $2!!!)
~Any fruit, small grain (chia seeds, quinoa, etc.), nuts, herbs, or spices that strike your fancy

Put the dry ingredients in first, then the yogurt, then your liquid sweetener, then the milk. You want to put about a quarter as much yogurt as you put oatmeal, then pour milk to cover the oatmeal and just overlap the yogurt. Shake vigorously, and throw in the fridge. Your oatmeal will be all wonderful and delicious and waiting for you when you wake up. I've had mine around for a couple days. It's perfect for just a couple bites for a snack, or breakfast.

If you're using flavored yogurt, you could add ingredients that go along like:

Strawberry yogurt, mash a banana in there
Cherry yogurt, handful of crushed almonds
Blueberry, fresh grated nutmeg, mashed banana, and peanut powder (sounds weird, but it's so delicious)
Coconut, add fresh pineapple OR cocoa powder

I'm going to try a very small amount of something savory... We'll see how that turns out.

super easy go-to morroccan-ish cabbage soup

here's a quick super tasty throw-together soup i made this past week. makes appx 6 servings.

small head of cabbage cut into relatively bite-sized pieces
5-6 carrots
small bag of frozen peas (8-10 oz or so?)
4 stalks of celery in bite sized pieces
1 can of chickpeas
28 oz petite diced tomatoes or crushed

throw it all in a pot, add water or stock to just cover (feel free to add a bit of broth powder if you like/have it in the house. i'm a fan of frontier's veg broth powder.)

and here's where my memory gets fuzzy. i know i added moroccan flavors, but i totally forget how much of each i added. so here's my guesses, feel free to adjust to your own preferences.

1-2 tsp black pepper
3-4 dashes of smoked paprika
a few dashes of cardamom
1/2 tsp? maybe more of ras al hanout (it's a moroccan mixture. very nice.)
1-2 tsp harissa (it comes in a squeezy tube.)
maybe 1/2 tsp salt? maybe less.
1/2 tsp onion powder
1-2 tbsp lemon juice

serve with toast. (i always serve soup with toast. it's so tasty. i love it.)