August 11th, 2013

spices, ginger, baking, cooking
  • rosefox

Freeze all the things!

We got our new upright freezer delivered today! It is huge (nearly as big as our fridge) and glorious. Our plan is to cook and freeze All The Things. What are your favorite gluten-free recipes for things that can be made in large quantities, frozen in single servings, and then nuked or otherwise heated for lunch or dinner? (Recipes calling for equipment like pressure cookers or food processors are fine; we either have it or can fake it.) What else do you think any sensible person should stock their freezer with?

I'm going to make so much ice cream! And freeze jars of smoothies! And soup and stew and stock! And dumplings! And possibly rejoin Costco, since we can justify the travel expense of a cab each way if we're getting enough stuff to fill the freezer! I will stock up on extra exclamation points and freeze them! Anyway yes, suggestions welcome.