March 7th, 2014

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Hey all! Made some delicious Thai(ish) cabbage rolls, and wanted to share. Pretty simple. Innards were mashed sweet potatoes (boiled in curried water) with coconut creamer and Earth Balance, peanut butter, tamari, toasted sesame oil, caramelized red onions, zest of an orange, chopped green onions, chopped cilantro, Tofutti cream cheese, and hot sauce (used some of the green stuff from the mediterranean deli I went to earlier).

Stuffed and rolled six cabbage leaves, poured sauce made with everything except the mashed sweet potatoes with an addition of the juice from the zested orange over it all, and baked for 45 minutes at 350. Turned out so delicious. I may, however, add some gf flour and cornstarch to the innards next time. It would make the texture a bit firmer, but other than that, it was quite lovely.