Nikki Piggle (aganippe) wrote in vegancooking,
Nikki Piggle

Blenders, counter-top and immersion

A recent post got me thinking about buying a blender, and the Oster Beehive Chrome Blender was recommended as an affordable alternative to some of the magnificent but expensive ones that I can't afford on a college budget.

Are there any more blender suggestions for the under-$100 (and preferably closer to $50) category? Or any more reviews for this one?

My main complaint about belnders is that they don't move the stuff (usually fruit, for me) around very well (especially with ice cubes involved), meaning that the bottom part gets pureed while the stuff on top just sits there. In blenders my friends have bought, this problem seems to be worse with square-shaped blenders, but that may not be true for all of them.

I'm also in the market for an immersion (stick) blender and could use some advice on what to look for. Again, I'm looking for something affordable, but not a cheap $10 plastic thing that will break in a year. Any suggestions are appreciated, especially if you can tell me why you like that particular model and how it performs.

Thanks so much!
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