enshanam (enshanam) wrote in vegancooking,

moving with fillings...

This community is always full of excellent ideas, and I'm hoping there are a few for me.

I'm moving in a week, which is really exciting. However, I have to get a permanent filling to replace my temporary filling from my root canal the day before I get into a van to drive for two long days. The dentist said that I absolutely *cannot* chew on that side for twenty-four hours after the filling

So the restrictions are: primarily liquid or *very* soft, okay to keep in a cooler, and (ideally) will satisfy any snacky urges I might have while driving.

My ideas so far are shelf-stable soups that come in little boxes, instant mashed potatoes, and little applesauce packs. Any others? Is there anything I could cook in advance and put in a container that would still be tasty after a day on the road?

Thanks. (:
Tags: -health-dental work/soft foods
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