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muffin again

My two times muffin baking last evening failed, valuable lessons I learned yesterday.
-         never trust 100% to recipe found on internet
-         do not simply use baking soda and essence, too much will be bitter
-         treat soy lecithin as like it’s gold, little will shine but too much will harden the muffin :P
Actually it was an egg-muffin recipe, I planned to convert it to a vegetarian version, milk is not a problem in my dietary but egg is, so I decided to substitute it with soy lecithin after I studied a few replies from this vegan cooking entry http://community.livejournal.com/vegancooking/1787984.html
During my attempt few days ago, I was without milk and lecithin so I replaced with orange juice and combination of one and a half tablespoons of water with same amount of oil and a teaspoon of baking powder to substitute an egg. The muffins turned out too moist and sticky at the bottom.
Last evening armed with soy lecithin to substitute egg and real milk, I’m ready for more action, then I come to realize that I’m out of white sugar, so I used brown sugar. Real milk in action, so orange flavor must come from essence, two teaspoons; used same amount of brown sugar as like using white; shall I add some soda for it to be puffier? Why not, one teaspoon added into mixture; and finally, egg substitute – soy lecithin, I guessed one egg equal to one tablespoon of lecithin. How was it like? I think I just invented a new type of muffin – Rock Muffin, they are hard and bitter. :p
On my second attempt, soda powder skipped; still one tablespoon of lecithin; still brown sugar; same amount of milk, reduce orange essence to one half teaspoon; skipped orange zest because I’m not going to scrape another orange and have to eat it later. New muffin invented again – Tasteless Rock Muffin. :o
On studied of my successful moist cake recipe, I concluded that the milk and oil in this muffin recipe are too less. And on my errors from these attempts, lecithin are powerful binder, I’ll reduce it to one teaspoon on my next attempt, or maybe lesser. And most important of all, baking soda and essences is no toy to play with. :)
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P/s: sorry to vegancooking members that this entry contain non-vegan issue, I’m too tried to draft a different entry. :(
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