Nikki Piggle (aganippe) wrote in vegancooking,
Nikki Piggle

Shelf Life of "Sour Cream" and Baking With It?

I'm seeking a vegan sour cream that will last a while in the fridge without separating or getting gross. Fridge life of . . . maybe a couple weeks? I love sour cream, but I don't use is regularly (only when I make fajitas).

Can you guys give me estimates on fridge life for the Tofutti kind? I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard pretty good things. Also, do the homemade tofu-based ones last very long sealed up in the fridge? They seem like they wouldn't do too well after a day or two.

And do any of you have experience baking with vegan sour cream? I used to use the dairy stuff a lot in cakes for moisture, but I'm been hesitant to try that with the vegan versions. Any idea what they would do?
Tags: -shelf-life of foods, substitutes-dairy-sour cream
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