Safe, effective, and fun! (surrealestate) wrote in vegancooking,
Safe, effective, and fun!

Corn & Zucchini Tamale Pie

Since I had a bunch of corn and squash from my farmshare (okay, still do), I search the archives for corn. I used the recipe shrinkingmary scanned in here (anyone know where it's from?)

It was quite yummy, but I strongly recommend multiplying the recipe and using a larger pan -- it's mostly corn and zucchini so it takes a bunch to feel filling. You'll want to eat a lot of this. :) I used two whole de-seeded jalapeno peppers. I'd also add some chili powder next time to round out the flavor. A dollop of nutritional yeast sauce worked great on top. Finally, there is no need to dirty up a blender for the tofu -- just mash it with a fork.

Tags: grains-corn & polenta etc, tofu, vegetables-corn, vegetables-zucchini/courgette
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