alana (just_bfore_dawn) wrote in vegancooking,

Spice of life

Okay, I used to be longandlean_146 but I am changing that back to strictly for my weight loss mission. Just wanted to reintroduce names Alana and I am a vegan. ;)

And so there’s some food relevance here...

I need your culinary connoisseur suggestions. We are running low on spices! Yipes! I’m sure it’s every foodie/vegans nightmare, right? So I no longer live in the town where I had bought my most favorite organic spices and am now browsing websites. Any ideas? Any chain stores in California that you know of? I don’t even have PEPPER!!!


i am looking for WHERE you find your organic spices :) what stores you know of or where you may order them. i live on the central coast in san luis obispo.
Tags: -essential pantry items, herbs&spices
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