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Webtar Bazaar

Smores at home

Smores Part 1 Smores Part 1

You'll need:
frying pan with lid
1 graham cracker
small handful chocolate chips
1 vegan marshmellow
gas stove or other open flame.

1. Start by cracking the cracker in half and placing on a frying pan on medium heat.
2. Quickly arrange chocolate chips on cracker.
3. Place lid on frying pan and let cook for about 3 min. at medium.
Smores Part 2 Smores Part 2

4. Stab a vegan marshmellow with a skewer and stick into the flame until it reaches the desired crispness. (If using a gas stove, you may want to remove the grill.)

These expensive, but very tasty, marshmellows work wonderful. They burn a bit more on the outside than turning brown, but it's not a charcole-y type of burning.
Smores Park 3 Smores Park 3

5. Place the melty marshmellow between the two chocolate covered crackers and smoosh together.

It will take more time cleaning off your face than the kitchen clean up for this lttle snack.

Sorry about the dark photos, hopefully aren't not on a mac. I was just too excited to eat this after taking the photos I didn't even look at the quality.
Tags: desserts-smores/krispies/marshmallows, substitutes-marshmallow
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