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recipes for week long trial veganism -- help my meat-eater see the light!

After lots of arguments and coaxing, my omni husband is trying veganism for a week (starting this morning). A lot of bribing is involved, but it really seems like he's finally given some serious thought to the health and animal rights sides and will probably come out of this at least a vegetarian. That's a huuge step -- he's kind of set in his ways about most things, and in this case his ways are loving chicken and beef and wanting to eat only them all the time.

I am looking for varied, attractive recipes for this week that will show how much variety there is out there for vegan food ... he's a very picky eater who doesn't like most veggies (although potatos, carrots, and broccoli are ones he really likes) so part of the need for variety is a search for vegan foods that he will really like.

I will be doing all of our cooking (as usual) and packing him lunches for work. Of course I'm looking at the vegan lunchbox! I can do a few really time consuming recipes, but I need some simple ones too since I'm busy with school.

More info: I can't eat food with gluten, but he can, so I'm thinking I should make some kind of vegan baked treat for this week. We don't have tons of money but I'm willing to get a few highly-recommended meat-subsitutes (cuz I think that would help him a lot). He's already tried bocca burgers (which smell way too much like meat to me) and said that they were good but needed cheese :(

thank you whoever tagged this for me! sorry I don't know the ins and outs of the community yet!
also, my husband and I are doing this mostly for health reasons -- I'm reaaally worried him. He's overweight and has athsma and some other serious chronic conditions that my research says this would really help -- not to mention that his diet previously of fast-food meat made him a candidate for high cholesterol :( so HEATHY recipes are best!
Tags: -allergies-gluten/wheat, easy-recipes, foods that non-vegans would like, quick-meals
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