So Automatic (shes_automatic) wrote in vegancooking,
So Automatic

chocolate chip cookies from vegan with a vengeance

this is the second time i've made the chocolate chip cookies from vegan with a vengeance and BOTH times i've have the same problem
after i add the flour in the dough is so dry! it doesn't clump up or anything for me, it's almost like.. power sort of, not really fine or anything but just all these little dough crumbles
i wind up having to add water or soymilk to get it to hold for me to form it into cookies
anyone else have this problem? or am i doing something totally wrong? i follow to recipe *exactly*
everything else from this book comes out AMAZINGLY YUMMY so i'm going to assume it's not the recipe
Tags: -failed-recipes&disasters, desserts-cookies-chocolate chip
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