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Rice Krispies Cereal - Help me get rid of mine!

Hi gang. I need to pick your collective brains for a moment on Rice Krispies. I bought a huge 2lb bag of Rice Krispies Cereal (ok, Meijer Brand Crisp Rice with Garfield, but you get the idea) to make Vegan Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats for my students and coworkers in the spring. The treats are kind of like my group gathering speciality. However, even after a couple batches, I still have about half a bag left. We are moving soon and so the name of the game is to use up the obscure items in our pantry so that we don't have to move it with us or waste it. Can anybody think of anything else I can make with rice krispies cereal? I thought about substituting them for the oatmeal in no bake cookies, but all of my no bake recipes include milk, which I think would make them snap, crackle, and pop into soggy little mush balls. I don't really dig Rice Krispies as plain cereal (breakfast-wise), so please don't suggest pouring soy milk over them in a bowl and eating with a spoon! Also, we are running low on peanut butter (since it's not an obscure pantry item), but I do have plenty of holder-together-er type of items (like corn syrup, applesauce, sugar, Soy Garden 'butter,' etc). Do you think I could make some sort of "Crunch"-bar-esque fudge? Are there actual meal options with these?  What ideas come to mind?
Tags: -what can i do with...?, breakfast foods-cereals (storebought)
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