Sarah (avstrangegirl) wrote in vegancooking,

Lo Han Kuo Soup

After trying Miso Soup and not really liking it i decided i found another super soup of this kind. I got a soup pack for Lo Han Kuo Soup which contains dehydrated cole, dates, carrots, seeds and Lo Han Kuo. Sadly when i got this item home all excited and happy i realised there were no cooking guides - eeps - so now im confused on how to make the soup. Also googling for about a hour now and i can't find anything really apart from all the health benifits :S

My questions are...has anyone made this soup before and how? Also what do i do with Lo Han Kuo? Its like a double the size of a pin-pong ball, dark and hollow-esk things that confuses the heck out of me. I figure just pop it all in a pan on a slow cook but hoping someone can give me more guidence?
Tags: ethnic food-chinese, soups (uncategorizable)
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