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ener-g egg replacer, baking, total problems and failures

i'm a little new to vegan baking so every attempt is an experiment-- a failed experiment.

my boyfriend, he says, "don't worry, there's this egg replacer stuff you can use instead of eggs. it's real easy."

i use it correctly, doing exactly what the instructions say, and every single time i try to bake something with it it turns into a complete disaster where my end product is a soup of ingredients, with no cohesion, no rising, and generally no good characteristics.

it's frustrating.

so what the hell? is it just the egg replacer sucks? or am i moron? or what? i finally got pecan pie to work by bastardizing a recipe i found on vegweb and failed at three times, after i added SIX TABLESPOONS of powder and only 8 tbsp of water. the brownies i just tried to make are a soupy grainy mess. admittedly, i did try to convert a recipe. this is probably part of the problem.

i've read through the memories on brownies and found recipes to try and i've read through memories on substitutions, but a lot of them are subs i tried that didn't work. mainly, Ener-G egg replacer [the devil of all goods]. i can't figure out how to replace while still having cohesion and rising. i'm tired of spending all my money trying to bake one damn pie or something because i have to try it a zillion times.

so i need you people to commiserate with me, sympathize, and tell me please god why my stuff is turning into a disgusting soup of sugar, flour, and egg replacer powder.

also, do you want my completely awesome totally bastardized but still delicious, edible, and non-soupy pecan pie recipe? because i will post that if you're interested.
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