lady_beans (lady_beans) wrote in vegancooking,

liquid diet

I was thinking on going on a liquid diet for about 3 weeks.

and by diet, i just mean that's what I'll be having. not like i'm trying to loose weight or anything. diet as in how we have a vegan diet, ya know?\

anyhow. i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what i should be taking in and if that is just too long of a period.

I will be taking a regiment of a milti vitamin, zinc, b-12, vitamin c and whole enzymes....

i'm going to be making fruit smoothies- probably with boba occasoinally...(hee hee)

i'm going to be using rice protein powder and hemp seed oil.

i should be okay, right?

what fruits do you guys reccomend?

what recipes for great smoothies do you reccomend??!
Tags: beverages-juiced, beverages-smoothies
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