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breading mock-chicken with no eggs

i checked the tags for the substitue for this, but it doesn't link to anything yet. I'm making Cornmeal Mock-Chicken Cutlets [using seitan] tonight, but I don't know what to use to keep the cornmeal "bread" crumbs on my seitan when I go to fry them up. I'm thinking next time I'll brush them down with a thin coat of honey replacer [just to mess around and test it out] but until then I'm a bit stuck :[ [as they're so place to buy it in my area. i have to go to brooklyn for it]

I'm going out to my local natural food store in a few hours, so hopefully I get some responces by then. If not, I'll have to figure something out myself.

thanks for any help. when i'm all done cooking i promise to post the recipie

oh, and on a seperate note: I threw together a 2 layer mock-beef [smartfood beef] stuffed shells with toffuti mozerella cheese and a whole lot of sauce and gave some to my neighboors who aren't vegan. They proceeded to demand that I cook for them more often and that it's better than their own food [and they're italian, so that felt nice]. I've been feeding everyopne that comes over to my house now here and there, and all my friends [who are Harlem boys] now keep asking me about how to make vegan food, and a few are thinking of switching over.

guerilla veganism = fun
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