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Introduction and a bulgar-wheat salad...

I joined awhile ago but have been lurking. I'm 25 and live in London, although I grew up in Canada and also spent twenty months teaching English in Istanbul.

This is a compilation of several recipes I found online after falling in love with this dish in Turkey (among many others...!). I live in a very Turkish area of London now so the more exotic ingredients are readily available to me. I've suggested substitutions wherever possible.

Kısır (if this does not show up properly on your screen, the vowels are "i"s without dots)

Easy to make once you get hold of the pepper paste from any grocery store owned by Turkish people – acvar (pronounced “adge-var”) is recommended, but before I found that out I bought my jar of biber salçası (bih-ber sal-cha-suh), and I find it works perfectly -- tastes just like what I had in Istanbul! Maybe they're the same thing, I'm not sure and have not investigated as I'm happy with what I get. It MAY be possible to substitute tomato paste for this, but I have never done it and do not know how it would work out.

1 cup finely ground bulgar (it might be labelled, or you can ask for, “köftelik bulgar”)
1 cup boiling water, plus extra as necessary
1 large or two small onions, finely diced
1 small bunch green onions, sliced
2 tbsp red pepper paste
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 tsp cayenne (or 1 tbsp red pepper flakes called “kırmızı biber,” but cayenne works fine)
juice of 1-2 lemons, to taste (half can be substituted for “nar ekşili” – pomegranate juice – again available at most Turkish groceries, but I’ve never used it in the UK and lemon juice works fine)
olive oil to taste (one recipe recommended half a cup which produced a glistening but perfectly edible salad – far too much for me! I usually use a splash worth around 2 tbsp)
1 lb tomatoes (about five), chopped
½ lb cucumber (one large), chopped
fresh mint and parsley, to taste (around 1/2 bunch mint and 1 bunch parsley)
salt to taste
lettuce leaves to serve (optional)

Cover bulgar with boiling water in a large bowl and set aside. It should absorb the water very quickly. Fluff it occasionally to make sure it is soft enough, and add up to half a cup more boiling water as necessary.

In a small bowl, mix onions and green onions with pepper and red pepper paste and spice.

Add these to the bulgar and blend thoroughly so that the bulgar becomes a light orangey-red colour throughout. Add more pepper paste if you like, it will get brighter!

Add lemon juice and olive oil and blend again.

Add tomatoes, cucumber and herbs and mix.

Refrigerate for a couple of hours so that flavours blend.

Season with salt to taste, serve on lettuce leaves or just keep it in the fridge and bring it out in meal-sized portions!

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