your friendly neighborhood supercarrot (supercarrot) wrote in vegancooking,
your friendly neighborhood supercarrot

annatto as food coloring?

have any of you ever used annatto as food coloring? i have a little bag of the seeds ready to go, but i don't know what proportion of oil to seeds is the right ratio.

i tried to make red velvet cupcakes the other night and the texture and color were great, but i could definitely taste the bitterness of the food coloring. (i'm thinking it's red #3 that has the bitter flavor) and the recipe called for 1-2 tablespoons of coloring. i'll just replace the missing liquid with extra chocolate extract or something

also, do any of you know the flavor that the seeds give off? the sites i've visited say it has a slight flavor, but they don't explain it. i hope it'd go well with chocolate. :-)

::Edit:: i just found this
"Flavour: slightly sweet and peppery.
...fry the seeds in oil for a few minutes (best done in a covered pan as the hot seeds jump), then discard the seeds and use the oil. Try using one teaspoon of seeds to 4 tablespoons of oil. Annatto seeds should be kept out of light in an airtight container."

but still, if any of you have had experience with it, i'd love to hear it.
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