E. M. (a_cherry_on_top) wrote in vegancooking,
E. M.

HELP! Oven malfunction.

I'm in the midst of making this casserole, and my oven broke! It's barely warm after an hour. All the ingredients are in the casserole dish. How can I salvage this? I have a working toaster oven, microwave and stovetop, but I'd prefer not to use the microwave. I think that the toaster oven is my best bet, but the casserole dish is too big to fit. I have ceramic bowls that are dishwasher and microwave safe. Would they be toaster oven safe, too? Any other suggestions?

ETA: It took a while for my post to be approved by the moderators, and, cause I was hungry, I decided to simmer it on the stove in my wok. It turned out delicious. :)
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