emili (kineticbagel) wrote in vegancooking,

omni- and exhausted runner-friendly food

hey punxx,
my cross-country team has a tradition of post-meet Feasts. for our Thursday meet, I need to bring enough food-food for at least three people. it has to be something that will taste good cold or lukewarm. any suggestions?

I believe 28 out of 30 team members eat meat (and they are mostly guys, largely of the "ew! tofu!" variety), and I can also bring something weird like a loaf of bread or a bag of chocolate chips if I want to. it doesn't have to be real food but I would prefer that it be because otherwise there probably won't be anything for me to eat.

thanks in advance!

EDIT: this could also swing to the other extreme -- it could be the craziest, most vegan recipe you can think of (i only have tofu and tvp though, no tempeh or seitan).
Tags: foods that non-vegans would like, party foods &/or potlucks
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