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faux fish cakes

Monday I made faux fish cakes with adobo sweet potatos.

Sunday night I did some prep-work to make sure I wouldn't be eating at midnight on Monday. I steamed the sweet potatoes until fork tender after chopping 2 large ones into 1 inch cubes

Next I finely chopped tofu (1 pound), shallots (2), oyster mushrooms (10) and seaweed (2 sheets usually for sushi rolling)

I let the tofu/mushroom mixture marinade with the juice of one lemon overnight. The potatoes packed up well also in the fridge.

The next day I added to the tofu: veganaise (1/2 cup) bread crumbs/matzos meal (1 cup) salt, pepper, dill (2 tsp) and arrow root flour/starch (2 tbs) and then formed into small yet plump patties

The potatoes I warmed up in a pan with a tiny bit of soy milk and soy margarine.

After they warmed I added 2 tbs of adobo sauce. (now I have to figure out what to do with those chipolte peppers!!

I fried the 'fish' patties until golden brown. I plated them on tip of some baby spinach and red onions that were lightly tossed on lemon juice.

This dish was awesome (and entirely invented by me) because I am SMART! Ok, it is less smarts and more years of missing fried fishy goodness. As a local 'merlander' who was raised on fish and crab cakes this was one dish I really missed. What was creepy was our apartment smelled like fish after these were made.
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