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Chocolate Peanut butter pie of awsomeness

Me and my friend made this super awsome pie the other night for the Defiance, Ohio show she set up, it's not exact but pretty full proof!

1 oreo crust, either store bought, or home made
1 package firm or extra firm morinu tofu
1 8oz package tofutti cream cheese
1 to 1.5 cups peanut butter
1 12 oz or so package of chocolate chips
powdered sugar to taste
and soymilk

Basically melt the chocolate chips on the stove or the microwave, and then mix through softened toffuti cream cheese, add as much or as little as you want (we did almost the whole bag of chocolate chips) but definitly reserve enough chocolate to drizzle on top of the pie.
Spread this layer in the bottom of the pie crust, if it has firmed up too much to spread (ours did) pop back in the microwave for ten seconds at a time until spreadable, be careful not to get it hot or soft tho (if your anti microwave you could do this in a double boilor on the top of the stove)
Then toss the block of tofu most of the peanut butter, a few tablespoons of soymilk (go slow if you add too much there is no fixing it!!) and a few tablespoons of powdered sugar into the blender. Whiz together until smooth. Add more peanut butter and sugar to taste, and more soymilk SLOWLY if the blender won't turn!!
Layer this on top, and then drizzle all over with extra melted chocolate.
refrigerate overnight or until the pie seems firm and the flavors had had a chance to develope.
then lapse into a super rich and awsome sugar coma!!!

Also, I really want to do this pie again but instead of peanut butter with a lime curd on top with a bit of soy sour cream whisks through to make it creamy and nice!

also, I havn't posted in eons and therefore cannot get the tags to work. :/
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