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Asian Noodle Salad

I don't know if anyone else has found themselves in the deli of a Whole Foods store, but they have an Asian Noodle Salad that I keep buying because it's so good. But, damn, it's expensive. Well, the ingredients are listed right there on the lid, so today I finally got around to experimenting with copying it. And jesus, am I proud of myself. I'd never done something like that before, either.

Turns out it's a pretty quick dish...if I start grating the carrot while the pasta water is boiling, I finish the dressing just as the pasta's done cooking.

16 to 24 oz of spaghetti (Whole Foods didn't use whole wheat pasta, but I do)
one large carrot, grated
two or three green onions, sliced
1/4 cup black sesame seeds
1/2 cup light unrefined sesame oil
1/2 cup tamari/soy sauce/shoyu
1/4 cup lime juice
two cloves garlic, minced (use a garlic press if you have one!)
1/2 tsp dried ginger (maybe 1 tsp minced fresh?)
1/4 cup chopped cilantro, just the leaves
1 tsp vegan worcestershire sauce (Annie's makes this, and it's not too expensive)
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper (optional)

Cook and drain the spaghetti. While that's cooking, grate the carrot and slice the green onions. Mix everything else together in a small bowl and mix well with a fork. Pour over the drained pasta, carrot, and onions, and combine well (that's tricky, all the non-pasta items want to stick to the sides and bottom of the bowl).

Tastes good right then, but will taste even better after it's been chilled in the fridge for a while.

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