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Duotone Soup & Grilled "Cheez" Sandwich

duotone soup

Brilliant Borscht paired with Green Greens Soup, garnished with organic CremoVita, a soy "cream", which I found thickened considerably in the fridge overnight, and a sprinkling of dried dill weed.


I heated up both soups, and simply dipped in two measuring cups and poured slowly into opposite sides of the bowl; done slowly and carefully, you end up with a reasonably clean line between the two colours. As I discovered, pouring faster means they bleed heavily into one another. The two not only look fairly dramatic, they complement one another well - the borscht is spicy but sweet, the greens soup far more savoury.

The grilled "cheez" sandwiches are simply "Polish-style black bread", spread on one side with margarine, and filled on the other with layers of Cheezly (mature white cheddar flavour), sliced tomatoes, and Plamil egg-free mayonnaise, grilled on a ready-heated cast-iron griddle over a low flame.
Plamil mayo and Cheezly
Tags: sandwiches-not for packed lunches, soups-greens, soups-root vegetable
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