laura V. (cinder_andsmoke) wrote in vegancooking,
laura V.

ultimate uncheese mac and cheese

has anyone made the baked mac and cheese from the ultimate uncheese book? i made it with a few of my friends the other day and it turned out awfully! i'm a huge fan of joanne stepaniak and most everything else i've made from her cookbooks have turned out really great. i think part of the problem was that we used pine nuts instead of cashews... also, there seemed to be an awful lot of water. the cheese sauce wasn't thick at all. i've made lots of mac and cheese and the sauce is usually stretchy and creamy and delicious! this sauce was just really thin... and watery... and not like mac n' cheese at all. was my mistake with the pine nuts? does anyone have tips on how to make it better next time?
Tags: ethnic food-american, side dishes-macaroni&cheese
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