jack radish (jackrad) wrote in vegancooking,
jack radish

fresh figs

so i have a tree full of ripe figs in my backyard.  i don't think there will be ripe figs on it for a *whole* lot longer and i'd love to do something with a bunch of them so that i can still enjoy the benefits of having a fruit tree in my yard in the winter when its not making fruit.  also, i'm not crazy about figs on their own but i know i like fig newtons so i'm pretty sure i have to like them in other things too.  i've never really eaten figs before so i'm not even sure what flavors go well with them

i also have just acquired a cookie jar and would love to have some cookies with figs in them to fill it up with.

its also getting to be wonderful weather to make big batches of soup (and possibly freeze them)

any ideas for cookie or soup or any other recipies involving figs? thanks!!!

*i looked through the memories section and found a few things but i'd love some more ideas slash i don't know how well recipies with dried figs transfer to using fresh figs with them

Tags: -what can i do with...?, fruits-durian
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