One Headlight (scissorsandlips) wrote in vegancooking,
One Headlight

sticky rice!

Hey guys. I need to get to the bottom of this!
for so long me and my girlfriend have been going to Thai restauraunts and most of them have this sticky rice, or sweet rice(same thing, different names) that is usually served as desert with fruit like mango or peach.

I found a recipe awhile back, and kind of altered it, using jasmine rice, and coconut milk, you basically let the rice soak in water overnight, next day, simmer it covered in a pot of coconut milk, until it evaporates. Yeah, this recipe tastes good, but its not the same as the sticky rice we get at the Thai places.

Theirs is this almost clear, glossy rice, and it is very very soft, and sticks together. It doesnt even look like they use coconut milk.

I am trying to see if anyone in here knows the kind of rice they actually use, and how they cook it to get it just like it is served in restauraunts.

Tags: desserts-sticky rice
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