fu (pinkpunkhippo) wrote in vegancooking,

Cream Puff?

Ok so I know this topic was posted here, but its been over 2 years since that post and maybe someone has discovered the answer (the 2 replies that question received didnt help :/ ).

I just tried to make cream puffs. Alas.. they didnt puff. I used an 'Allrecipes' recipe and substitued everything that needed to be changed (I havent tried the filling yet -- Im sure I could manage to make that work). It seems to be the typical cream puff recipe. I also checked vegweb.com to see what they listed, but decided not to try these ones since it had a not so good review (but I did use that egg replacer method from this one on the allrecipes recipe)

So does anyone know how to make a cream puff shell that puffs? I assume any sort of pastry recipe would work. Please help!
Tags: breads-pastry-puff pastry
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